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SF Pressure Drop 8.x for Excel
News & Bugs in SF Pressure Drop 8.x

SF Pressure Drop was produced carefully. But no computer software is without bugs. Please inform us if you find bugs.


In these updates we will consider suggestions from the users and/or correct bugs quickly. Here you will find the revised program file (exe-file) and other files possibly.
Before you use this file please install the version 8.0 normally and replace the old program file "Drop.exe" with the new file afterwords. If there are updates from other files, please replace these files also.

File / SizeVersion / DateNews & Bugs
2.1 MB
Wrong cell format in row 21 - 25 of the Excel table
  • If you use dot as decimal separator you will get wrong cell formats (the calculated data are ok).
2,1 MB

    • Bug in conversion to psig in software and drop_empty.xlsm
    • Check valve, Y-pattern globe lift
      Wrong calculation in the range 300 - <400 mm
    • Bug in the calculation of the curve (Pressure drop = f (Rate of flow)) if you input the volume flow unequal m3/h.
    • Small corrections.
    • Bug in the calculation of branch flowing elements if you input the volume flow unequal m3/h..
      The software converts the volume flow of the branching pipe wrongly (you can see it in the calculation table). In the most cases you will get an error message "The volume flow of the branching pipe must be smaller...".
    • Error if you copy rougness data from database "Roughness of pipes" to main window.
      The copied data is shown in den main window but will not be considered in the pressure drop calculation. If you input the roughness data by hand the caclulation is ok.
    • Bug in the calculation of branch flowing elements if you input the flow as mass flow..
      If you input the flow instead as volume flow as mass flow you will get negative, unrealistic pressure drop results.
    • Small corrections.
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